Nathan is a “Rich Life” explorer, traveler, business executive and executive coach. He’s a globally- recognized speaker, blogger, and host of the Rich Life Lab podcast, where he uncovers and shares the elements of a truly rich life. Not just financially… but rich in time, rich in relationships, rich in health, rich in mind and rich in heart. 

He currently lives in Hunt Valley, Maryland with, as he describes, his gorgeous, kind-hearted, travel hacking wife and their two loving kids. They enjoy traveling around the world and teaching their kids through adventure and experience.  

For more than 16 years, Nathan has helped individual investors evolve their relationship with money from one of anxiety and fear to one of confidence and strength as a senior leader for one of the largest private publishing/media companies in the world. 

As Chief Growth Officer, Nathan has helped lead the business through a period of stunning growth, with sales growth of 100%+ for 8 consecutive years, despite two recessions.

The global business units reached a peak of over $1.5 billion in annual revenues and record profitability.   

During that time, he’s worked with hundreds of thousands of retail investors and business owners alike, both directly and in groups at seminars all around the world. He is known for his relentless commitment to ensuring that The Oxford Club continues to shine as a conscious, value-driven financial club that operates with integrity and purpose – and one that always puts the interests of its members first.  

Nathan believes in servant, value-driven leadership. He helps leaders unlock previously unimagined performance outcomes, through their own personal evolution and value alignment with those in their sphere of influence – Becoming beacons of elevation for everyone in their lives.  

He has had the privilege of coaching many high impact executives, by understanding their goals, ambitions, aspirations, then uncovering psychological patterns and connecting them to what’s truly priceless.   

Prior to joining The Oxford Club,  Nathan  managed U.S. accounts for a Forbes top-50 global insurance company, Euler Hermes. He holds degrees in business and finance from Roanoke College.  

Nathan is passionate about helping people create the richest possible life by gaining emotional control in investing and in life, cultivating incredible relationships and attaining the deepest levels of human satisfaction and fulfillment.